Rewards, perks and compensation: what matters most to top talent?

27 April 2023

Top talent interviews you, not the other way around. As sought-after roles and skills become increasingly more challenging to attract and retain, orga...

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The evolution of the right to protect privacy

30 November 2022

Is an individual’s personal information only private until it is made public?  Well, let’s put it this way: If this article had be...

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Navigating mentorship initiatives in a hybrid work environment.

07 July 2022

Technological advances and a virtual work hub allow teams to learn and develop new skills quicker than ever before. Creating diverse opportunities for...

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Merging process and technology by prioritising experiences: the cornerstone of a modern organisation

10 June 2022

As we find ourselves in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution Sesil Pir provides an apt summary of the factors at play in her article for Forb...

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Successful change is modelled by leaders and actioned by change champions

27 April 2022

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin  Organisations operate in a worl...

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The global talent shortage presents pro-change talent management opportunities

16 March 2022

In Francois Kriel’s Bizcommunity article published in March, he compared the optimum talent management strategy with keeping the bigger picture...

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Data subject access participation: building trust with an increasingly privacy-savvy public

24 February 2022

By now many organisations have realised and accepted that the POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) is a continuous data privacy protection a...

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Hiring talent for the long haul requires rethinking your talent strategy

26 January 2022

“We’re finding that the biggest challenges organisations encounter today aren’t necessarily technology, innovation, or leadership. I...

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A toast to resilience as we look back on our impact during 2021

08 December 2021

Often during extraordinary times, marked by interruption and pervasive change, organisations are awarded an opportunity to be part of the solution alo...

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The Kriel & Co Hybrid Work Journey: Balancing professional, personal and client goals with a digital first, multi-city hybrid work model

24 November 2021

Since March 2020, our practice – along with the rest of the professional workforce – abruptly adapted a remote work mo...

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What international organisations should consider for the transborder transfer of information

17 November 2021

Picture the world with fine strings connecting every place on earth to one another. Now imagine these strings alight with the instantaneous transfer o...

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Build strong risk management resilience traits to flourish during adversity

27 October 2021

Talk to any organisation today and you will learn about how they are navigating their way through an increasingly fast changing, and often unpredictab...

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Treat cybersecurity risk events to your organisation as a given and prepare proactively

22 September 2021

One only needs to consider the cost of a data breach, to come to grips with this very real and costly threat. According to ITWeb, a data breach costs...

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Successfully nurturing an organisational culture of diversity and inclusion creates a competitive advantage

25 August 2021

Rightly so, the topic of diversity and inclusion is nothing new. But to what extent does the inclusion of diversity drive organisational culture and c...

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Establish sustainable internal behavioural change during the privacy-first era

21 July 2021

Gartner estimated in 2020 that 65% of people across the world will have their personal data protected by privacy regulations in 2023, compared to...

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Eden FM Radio Interview | Francois Kriel

14 July 2021

The collection and management of information of customers, clients, employees and service providers alike in line with the well-publicised POPIA is a...

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Three elements that unlock the value of adopting a mentor-mentor approach

23 June 2021

“What is more, I think the best mentor relationships are actually mentor-mentor relationships, where both parties show up to learn. Even if ther...

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Vacancy: Associate - Junior Analyst

04 June 2021

Desired Location  Cape Town or Johannesburg, South Africa ...

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The CIO role blends two ions – vision and action

26 May 2021

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) role is not a new addition to the C-suite, but it has invariably grown out of its traditional technology-only focu...

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Kriel & Co Specialist Consultant and Contractor Relationship Journeys: Bonnie Floyd, Greg Calothi and Sunet Schoonees.

19 May 2021

We asked three of our contractors – thinking partner Bonnie Floyd, Microsoft Cloud technical support consultant Greg Calothi...

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Activity-based workplaces help hybrid organisations thrive

28 April 2021

A development that places the emphasis on the way office spaces are utilised currently sees an accelerated adoption rate as more organisations conside...

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Four practical cyber policy considerations for safer remote collaboration

24 March 2021

The pace at which remote teams are working and collaborating digitally has accelerated as the pages of history turned over to the 2020s. The need for...

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Kriel & Co team journeys: Ricardo Fernandes, Associate

17 March 2021

“Kriel & Co’s employee value proposition is that the practice believes in our personal success being a valuable contributor...

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Employee wellness – a unique opportunity to bring about holistic value

24 February 2021

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic experts warned against chronic stress as the ‘disease of our time’. Constantly operating in heightened s...

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Kriel & Co team journeys: Sohané Le Roux, Executive Assistant

17 February 2021

“During a time when working under constant states of stress is considered normal – and even rewarded – it is comforting to be p...

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Stack these five building blocks to create a resilient organisational culture

27 January 2021

Throughout an organisation’s lifetime there are many instances that usher in change for a season or two - whether change is external and uncontr...

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2020 – an extraordinary journey of change

15 December 2020

2020 is racing towards the end. With it comes the expressions of hope for the new year, albeit cautiously optimistic. We need no reminder of the ma...

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Career Opportunity: Associate (Change Management)

07 December 2020

Location Cape Town, South Africa Travel requirements During the COVID-19 pand...

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For marketers, the protection of personal information is more about the dos and less about the don’ts

11 November 2020

Convenient access to information makes for a great customer experience. But it does come at a price. Marketers acting as responsible parties for the p...

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Facilitating the CIO role in an organisation

21 October 2020

Driven by digital transformation and POPIA compliance requirements, technology enables business strategy. This means tha...

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Privacy by Design – A tailor-made approach to compliance

14 October 2020

Implementing organisation-wide change is rarely a cookie-cutter exercise, or a one size fits all garment.  Even more so when change is modelled a...

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POPIA: Digital ecosystem ripple effects

07 October 2020

When organisations adopt new technology and legal frameworks to protect personal information, the entire digital ecosystem ideally shou...

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Personal data protection, more than the latest buzz term

23 September 2020

The importance of data privacy has enjoyed increased airtime on various channels over the past couple of years. And with good reason. The collectio...

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Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA): Opportunities that result from protecting personal information and data

16 September 2020

Having to comply with legislation such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) should not only be viewed as a compliance...

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Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA): Debunking the Myths.

09 September 2020

Many organisations, customers and suppliers do not yet understand their rights, roles and responsibilities within the fr...

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The Healthy Employee’s Guide to Grieving During Continuous Change

19 August 2020

While organisational management teams have become adept at tweaking growth strategies and capitalising on opportunities driven by the pandemic, let&rs...

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Transitioning back to the office [Part 3: Balancing long-term remote working wellness]

14 August 2020

The office environment plays a significant part in the holistic workplace wellness of employees. Amorei Engelbrecht, organisationa...

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Transitioning back to the office [Part 2: The effect of office space on graduates and interns]

05 August 2020

The office environment plays a significant part in the holistic workplace wellness and development of employees. Amorei ...

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Career Opportunity: Associate (Digital Strategy)

20 July 2020

Location Cape Town, South Africa Travel requirements Infrequent – site visits may...

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Commercial Property Market Trends Are Favouring Tenants

15 July 2020

In a post-COVID-19 world, the office space remains relevant, albeit different. Dave Russell, Director at Baker Street Pr...

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The Office of the Future – a Hybrid Solution?

08 July 2020

Never before have offices been closed, simultaneously, for this long. However, many office light-switches have now been flicked on to allow for the st...

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Transitioning back to the office [Part 1: Employee wellness at the office]

08 July 2020

The office environment plays a significant part in the holistic workplace wellness of employees. Amorei Engelbrecht, organisationa...

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Resilient Leadership

11 June 2020

In the weeks that organisations have traversed the changing business landscape in a global pandemic, it has become unavoidable to take a long, hard lo...

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Thrive in the new normal – here’s how to become truly agile

19 May 2020

Over the past couple of months organisations have been busy. They’ve adapted to a new way of working, overcame productivity challenges and foste...

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COVID-19 cements the future for gig economy professionals

28 April 2020

The consulting industry was ripe for disruption well before the onset of a global health pandemic. Traditional strategy consulting and the associated...

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Download PIVOTAL - A guide for business leaders. April 2020 edition: How to react to COVID-19

20 April 2020

Francois Kriel has been invited as a contributing author on Remote Working Best Practice and Productivity for the launch issue of a new Sout...

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Three ways in which a pandemic changes the employee value proposition

14 April 2020

There is nothing like a force bigger than nature to force South African business owners and leaders to implement unexpected short-term changes to ensu...

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Leaders, perfect your virtual emotional intelligence

06 April 2020

Leading remote teams requires managers to step up and take the necessary accountability to lead by example. This includes managing their own emotions,...

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Teams, communicate productively from home

31 March 2020

Video Credit: Harvard Business Review. Currently, an estimated 20% of the world population is under COVID-19 lockdown, and this number is growing....

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Best virtual collaboration platforms for taking business unusual to business as usual

25 March 2020

The national lockdown to flatten the infection rate of the COVID-19 pandemic brings along with it unique operational challenges for organisations to m...

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Working remotely in the age of COVID-19: Why your team can’t just wing it.

16 March 2020

Organizations around the world are increasingly turning to a remote working approach to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. However, remote working is n...

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Unlocking opportunities from South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

28 February 2020

This blog post was updated on 26 June 2020 The Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 ("POPIA") creates plenty of opportunities for...

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How to have a more productive meeting

31 August 2019

Most people in organizations dread meetings and according to Harvard Business Review, there are almost 55 million meetings taking place each day in th...

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Is doing business over WhatsApp really such a good idea?

06 May 2019

This article was updated on 11 January 2021 It has become evident that many people in business today are suffering from a form of communication ove...

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The most in demand digital executives

29 March 2019

The C-suite appears to be expanding daily with new and interesting job titles. Digital transformation is fast creating meaningful new executive tech r...

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Why the cloud is a no-brainer for Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMBs)

31 October 2018

10-minute read. Cloud technology has been proclaimed by many digital strategists as a driving force that will significantly reshape Information...

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The top 3 traits of successful Millennial managers and leaders

24 May 2018

10-minute read. Companies are struggling to retain and motivate Millennials -  a topic of passionate boardroom discussions today. Business o...

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How blockchains can give back control of our identities

07 March 2018

Video Credit - World Economic Forum 2017 Marked some of the worst data breaches of personal information in living memory, with the likes of Equifax...

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Why top professionals are going independent

20 February 2018

"...talented people are going independent because they can choose what to work on and with whom to work..." – The rise of the supert...

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