Vacancy: Associate - Business Analyst & Knowledge Manager

31 July 2023

Available Locations in South Africa

Johannesburg, Gauteng (Office: Sandton / Melrose Arch)

Pretoria, Gauteng (Office: Menlyn Maine)

Cape Town, Western Cape (Office: Stellenbosch)

Work rhythm (hybrid)
  • 70% work from home (Typical remote workday: 3-4 virtual meetings with focused time in between).
  • 30% work from office or client premises (Primarily for in-person client meetings and presentations).
  • Infrequent domestic air travel for client visits (once every 2-3 months).


12-month contract with full-time employment eligibility

Reference number 


Start Date 

September 2023



Kriel & Co is an IMCSA accredited management consulting practice specializing in change management and leadership. We serve large corporate and global organisations with significant impact in a variety of sectors with a proven track-record of delivering innovative, cost-effective and sustainable change. Our practice is independently founded by Francois Kriel and affiliated with a larger professional services firm based in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. Diversity is celebrated in our team as we believe the best strategies are the result of harnessing the strengths and perspectives of outstanding people from different cultures and backgrounds. Learn more about us and our work at


Small team – without the career compromise. We’re a small team with big impact – our clients include some of South Africa’s largest banks, insurers, retailers and law firms along with global brands who have a presence in Africa. We compete and go toe-to-toe with the traditional big consulting firms and win clients over with our fresh approach centred around co-creation, client independence and empowerment. We actively reduce dependency on the consultant and have long-lasting client loyalty over years as a result. There’s no compromise on meaningful management consulting work. Mentorship and coaching are both central to the promise we make to our people and is evident in the amazing stories our team have to share about their professional growth.

True flexibility – without the fine print. Flexibility is often included in EVPs of our competitors, with significant fine print limiting the extent of flexibility. At Kriel & Co, we measure outcomes – how, when and where work takes place is not a focus. Deadlines, deliverables and due dates are set inclusively in consultation with the team, and we offer full ownership to team members to manage their own work / life integration. Whether you choose to work from the office or home is all good – as long as the work gets done on time. Our client meetings are a blend of digital and in-person engagements, which are the main events that have an on-site requirement. The degree of flexibility gets reduced in instances where deliverables are not met on time, which promotes accountability across the team. In addition, we offer home back-up power / solar financing tailored to the team member’s requirements to support sustainable work-from-home in South Africa. For colleagues in life stages with significant family or personal commitments to attend to throughout their work week, this is a stand-out element of our EVP.

A culture centred around balance, boundaries and wellness – without the hypocrisy.  Wellness is an industry buzz-term that is emphasized in job vacancies, but seldomly implemented or championed by senior leadership in professional services firms. The Management Consulting industry is plagued by terrible burn-out rates and unsustainable work environments which rewards a culture of burn-out and celebration of over-work. No wonder some consultants only last 3-5 years before exiting the industry completely. Our wellness programme in association with Vitality rewards team members with cash bonuses or additional annual leave. Our focus on wellness promotes an organisational culture balancing meaningful MC work with a sustainable lifestyle. We frequently invite wellness experts and consultants for sessions to inspire and motivate our team to become the best version of themselves at work – and in life.


The Business Analyst will support our team with the following objectives:

  • Translate the client’s business problem into quantifiable goals, metrics, outcomes or hypotheses.
  • Consult with the Client Service Lead and relevant colleagues on structuring a project to reach the desired outcomes, based on the above quantifiable goals.
  • Development of research methodologies to address project goals. If you have experience using online tools for the development of a research approach you have an advantage.
  • Analysis of quantitative research data (such as questionnaire responses) and qualitative data (such as focus groups or conversation data). These tasks may include gathering, validating, and documenting various system information and needs.
  • Visualizing research results. If you have experience in using Business Intelligence software or tools, you have an advantage.
  • Writing and documenting of observations and recommendations in collaboration with the team.
  • Visualizing business processes / mapping business processes in MS Visio or similar.
  • Where relevant or required by the Client Service Lead, the presentation or co-delivery of research findings to clients.
  • Devising, optimizing and improving our own firm’s research methodology or best practices (consisting of a quantitative and qualitative approach).
  • Knowledge Management (10%-20% of total time) - Pro-actively devise and execute research on client industry trends and management consulting industry best practices. These insights are curated on our knowledge hub or virtual library and relayed / translated to our team in the form of regular interactive knowledge management sessions which this role takes the lead on delivering.


  • You have previous management consulting (MC) experience or similar. You know what it takes to do what we do, and the associated professionalism that is required to pursue a career in management consulting.
  • You are certain that continuing your career in MC is for you, and that a decision to commit to an MC firm will grow you professionally.
  • You have previously worked in a large firm or corporate and seek a more balanced work work/life offering that allows you to still do meaningful MC work at a more sustainable pace. This role is not suitable for early career candidates or graduate students.
  • You are at a life stage with significant family commitments, personal priorities or pursuing other passions such as sporting careers, cultural activities or conquests.
  • You're at the point of your career where you can confidently self-manage tasks, priorities and project commitments to deliver quality outcomes. We don't micro-manage or promote dependency on senior team members. Our daily project check-ins, facilitated by the Client Service Lead colleague, ensures constant alignment with client expectations, capacity and realistic deadlines for the entire team.
  • You are comfortable working in a digital-first / remote-first team. While we do have plenty of on-site and in-person engagements, we spend most of our time apart as a decentralized business. If you’re reliant on the energy of being in an office every day, this role is not for you.
  • You are considering a more entrepreneurial career path, with the prospect of a fast-tracked prospect to be part of business equity or ownership structures.
  • You have the ability to laugh at yourself, not take life too seriously and be part of a team culture that values vulnerability, humility, growth and mentorship.


  • Full proficiency and command of the English language (advanced communication skills advantageous).
  • Good analytical and evaluative skills.
  • Relevant tertiary education and academic credentials. A post-graduate degree in Commerce or Engineering is advantageous.
  • Prior management consulting experience, employment or contract work at an IMC-registered consulting firm or research institution.
  • Experience in data visualization software advantageous (such as MS Visio).
  • Fully capable to operate Microsoft Office Suite (with Microsoft Cloud experience and advanced MS Excel skills advantageous).
  • Above average tech savvy competencies, with the ability to comfortably work in a digital-first, completely paperless team.
  • Credible references.


  • Our culture values an inclusive leadership culture which promotes a healthy balance of both confidence and humility.
  • A commitment to undertaking work in-line with the code of ethics of the IMCSA.
  • A calm, professional and consistent demeanor.
  • Self-motivated with a strong and consistent work-ethic. You are a diligent and pro-active project planner, and do not need to be micro-managed.
  • The ability to work independently as well as part of a team, whether from home or the office.
  • A keen eye for detail and an analytical approach to creative problem solving.
  • Ability to work under pressure, managing multiple projects and stress professionally.
  • Ability to work with and relate to people from all walks of life.
  • A constant need to learn, improve and grow as a professional. Open to mentorship initiatives with colleagues and partners.

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