Kriel & Co Specialist Consultant and Contractor Relationship Journeys: Bonnie Floyd, Greg Calothi and Sunet Schoonees.

19 May 2021

We asked three of our contractors – thinking partner Bonnie Floyd, Microsoft Cloud technical support consultant Greg Calothi, and PR and Marketing consultant Sunet Schoonees: “What’s it like working with us?”  After which the team recorded their feedback.

Let us explain why this is a valid question to ponder…  

We are all too aware of the demanding nature of the management consulting industry. We believe that the art of consulting should be treated as a marathon, not as a sprint, where participants pace themselves against burnout. And this belief extends to our wider net of people that we work with.  

As a support structure to our core team that offers change management strategy and project management as key services, our wider group of contractors will forever remain instrumental as contributors to the growth of our practice and the success of our clients, allowing us to flexibly offer specialist skills for any change. Therefore, their holistic well-being while working with us is equally important to us.